Steve Call – Founder/President

I’m a former Marine with one clear understanding, and that is our youth NEED discipline and strong leadership.

I’ve spent years working with the youth and recently training boxing. I have a background as a Drill Instructor for a Juvenile Felon Boot Camp.  I understand the tough youth of today and what various issues that youth go through in our now society.

Some define youth as teens.  I define youth as anyone younger than me who needs help and is committed to changing their lives.  There are many young adults in their 20′s that didn’t get the right guidance when younger who still need help.  I will not turn my back on them.

The way I see it, it only makes sense to incorporate a vigorous workout with structure, discipline, and mentor program that gives youth what they really want and need… Leadership and guidance. We also focus on helping those who have the drive and talent to pursue boxing as a career, to enter Amateur Boxing with the dreams and goals of eventually turning Pro.

I’ve specifically designed this club and programs to push them past limits, provide focus, teach them hard work, and help teach them to handle various situations that occur in life.

I teach the youth of today the same traits and values that I focus on my own son with.  As leaders of today’s youth, it is our responsibility to step up and guide them down the right paths.

Donate today and follow me on this journey in helping the youth of Las Vegas to become better individuals and teaching them how to become Relentless in life!

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering Gods grace in its various forms.” -1 Peter 4:10


Nate Gould – Vice President

Nate has been a co-owner of The Fight Game with Phase 1 Sports for over the last few years.  Nate brings over 20+ years of boxing experience, along with the vital understanding of managing fighters as they venture into their professional careers.

Nate boxed as a professional fighter from 1992 until 2002.  He has been involved with various professional boxers on both the management and training level, such as Steve Forbes, Daniel Santos, and others.  He has worked along side some of the best and most famous boxing coaches and fitness trainers to be able to provide the youth the most well rounded style for learning and practicing boxing. Nate also carries with him many current industry contacts with other Trainers, Promoters, Managers, etc. that will allow the youth of Relentless the correct path to turn Pro, with the right resources, should they have what it takes.

“With the help of sponsors and donors out there, I believe we can truly offer something that isn’t being done here to better help these kids.  I am motivated to see how far that we can take this program and how many kids we can positively effect the lives of.” – Nate Gould

Relentless is proud to have brought Nate into its team as the Vice President of Boxing Operations.



Victor Diaz – Secretary/Treasurer 

Victor Diaz is an independent business management consultant who had a proven record of performance encompassing a wide array of industries. He has served in positions overseeing everything from operations and media production to warehousing and finance with companies big and small, such as Discover Card, Gallerie Lassen International, Wells Fargo, various Film Production Companies, Fidelity Investments, Foreclosure Alternative, H3 Law, Jeff Mitchum Galleries, and most recently Transaction Holdings LLC. His extensive experience in a variety of disciplines has garnered him a large book of business contacts with the proven ability to tie together the right individuals for creating profitable partnerships. He’s been a resident of Las Vegas since February 2008 and holds a B.S. in Communications from Utah State University. His love of the sport of boxing and desire to serve the community has led to a partnership of providing business and management counsel to the Relentless organization. “I am proud to be a part of an organization that is working hard to establish a network of programs to help the troubled youth of today, not only in the Las Vegas Valley, but soon in other parts of the country as well.” – Vicor Diaz

Jason Tafoya – Instructor/Mentor

Jason comes from a long 30+ years history of boxing and other mixed martial arts.  Growing up in Hawaii, as a youth, he ran with various gangs and was in and out of correctional facilities into his adult life.  Since then, Jason has dedicated his life to helping the youth and showing them the tough love with the sole intentions on helping these kids not make the same mistakes he has made as a youth himself.

Jason has been a member of Phase 1 Sports for over 3 years and has recently been added as a vital member of Relentless.  His unorthodox training techniques and mental toughness is invaluable for the youth to really learn and understand what it takes to make it in life!  ”My goal is to help these kids understand the essential things in life so they dont go out there and make the same mistakes that I did as a youth.” – Jason Tafoya




Pablo Padilla – Martial Arts Instructor/Mentor

Pablo has over 20 years teaching and competing in the martial arts world. He has operated and taught his own school for 4 years as well as competed on the national karate circuit for the prestigious NASKA and NBL leagues. Pablo has impeccable technique and was a sponsored athlete competing in Kata and Sparring competitions. Pablo is already a 2nd Degree Blackbelt in Karate and Tae Kwon Do but continues to better his ground game and MMA sparring with the Hawaiian Kempo students. Pablo has been instructing at The Pit Las Vegas and has been helping to search for Sponsors to secure an exclusive facility where Relentless can offer both Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts classes, along with its Physical Fitness and Leadership components.  







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